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Mission & Vision


The Tennis.Ninja Project

The Tennis.Ninja Project's purpose is to facilitate and encourage Singaporean citizens towards a tennis coaching career. The project is to enrich Singapore's tennis through the betterment of coaching education, and with tennis experts as mentors and to encourage a healthy follow through Singapore Tennis Association and the ITF Academy, and more. 

This project is making sure there is no "In-House' Certifications like other companies in Singapore, a no 'In-House' policy. We find tennis learners deserve the best and to be some small part of moving tennis in a forward direction for Singapore.

Meet Coach Daryl


Daryl Low

Recommended for Mini Tennis Players 3 - 10 years old

Coach Daryl, Reigns from a football freestyle career. He has achieved National Championship and represented Singapore through freestyle football and various other prestigious events. He is currently the head coach of a well known sports camps company which he conducts and runs numerous sporting programs throughout the year. 

He has been training as a tennis coach since 2021 and is ever building his experience and knowledge to further improve and follow certification through Singapore Tennis Association and ITF academy. 

He is passionate with coaching and is finding tennis a motivation in learning and helping others learn tennis too. 

Fees & Services

From $60/hr

Private Class

From $30/hr

Semi-Private Class

From $25/hr

Group Pax 3/4




Play & Stay 

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