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Professional Tennis Coach in Singapore

I.C.I Vetted & Approved Pro 

  • Master In Technical Development

  • Spanish Tennis Teaching System endorsed by ESA & RPT

  • Strength in Initiation, Formation and Competition stages

  • National Development Pathways

  • Track Record of Junior Players' Achievements 


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Sta Singles Competitions

Quarter, Semi & Finalists


Sta Doubles Competitions

Semi & Finalists


Direct School Admission



Coached at Schools

Primary & Secondary



Coaching & Study



Coached in


Coached To National Level

Developed players from zero experience to national level


Years of Playing

Variety of experience initiates perspectives

Tennis Classes

Group, Semi & Private

  • 4 Pillar Development​ (Technical, Tactical, Mental & Physical)

  • Video Analysis Integration

  • Athlete Development

  • Footwork Development

  • Game Based Theme Training

  • Goal Orientation & Customisation



Matt Charlie Tennis Partners X

  • X1 Kids International

  • Tennis.Ninja

  • Sports Camps SG

  • Exciting Partnership Coming September 2022

  • More Incoming 


X1 Kids

Kindergarten Tennis 2 - 6 yo


X1 Kids is a multi-skilled activity enrichment program for the kindergarten demographic from the age of 2 to 6 years.  The program integrates a themed-like concept of superhero characters and a team of mutants that engage with young children through various learning-skilled activities.

The X1 superheroes are models in well thought out session plans and activities vetted by professionals within their own fields.  


Ninja Sports Mgt

Matt Charlie Tennis X Tennis.Ninja team up to mentor, and guide Singaporean citizens into a tennis coaching career. Sharing coaching experiences, perspectives, and insights on improving their tennis careers for the tennis environment in Singapore. There are no ‘IN - HOUSE’ certifications from Tennis.Ninja or Matt Charlie Tennis that grants individuals to be a qualified tennis coach. But we believe following the Singapore Tennis Association and ITF Academy through their coaching courses for qualifications. This allows then tennis players to experience a more safe and deserving class with a qualified tennis coach. 

There is potential growth for citizens to work their way into an associate, or partnership or shareholding positions through a sophisticated key performance programme in Tennis.Ninja. 

Do email us, we are passionate to make tennis a primary sport for the success through better education, and a supportive environment. 



Matt is an outstanding and professional coach with a talent and strong interpersonal skills to work with kids. He is effective in enhancing their strengths while working on the developmental areas. He is great with motivating kids - my 2 kids are always looking forward to their training sessions. Most importantly, Matt is a man of integrity and has a strong passion to do his best to develop others.


I couldn't recommend a better, more experienced coach than Matt. He worked with my daughter for 2+ years. During this period, we saw a huge improvement in the way my daughter played.
Matt is a very skilled coach with great attention to detail. He managed to fix a few bad habits that my daughter brought with her.
He is also a very kind and pleasant person to work and communicate with.


Matt is a great tennis coach! He works very well with his students, focusing on technique improvements and gameplay. My children have greatly benefitted from his high quality coaching over the years, and are enjoying competing in National Tournaments.


Matt you are one of the best on the island (Singapore). Thank you for encouraging, and helping my two sons find interest with tennis.


I really am happy i found you. I dont think I've ever felt good hitting a decent forehand like that.


I have tried many coaches, some are just good at hitting and seem not interested in helping me improve, and others lack analysis to better my tennis. Matt uses video analysis and interventions to help me improve my tennis even if I'm an adult.


Matt Charlie Tennis News

Tennis Court

Matt Charlie Tennis Mentorship Programme

  • Tennis players seeking guidance on awareness and understandings as a tennis player.

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